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Dust Mites, Asthma & Allergens

Dust Mites, Asthma & Allergens

Asthma, Dust Mite & Allergies

Asthma is a complex condition that experts can not agree on the causes of, but it is universally recognised the allergens in dust mite faeces trigger asthmatic attacks. These allergens are also linked to eczema, sore throats, itchy eyes and aggravate hay fever. I have read reports on the subject by Dr John Maunder and others and have tried to summarise their findings.

Dust mites need dust and warm dark humid conditions to thrive, living in carpets, beds, bedding, curtains, upholstery and dusty areas (helped in no little way by our central heating and double glazing). The problem arises when the faeces become airborne and are inhaled, due to dusting, changing and making the bed etc. The main problem area is the bedroom and in particular the bed and bedding as we spend about 30% of our time there, and as we can perspire up to 1 litre in our sleep it provides the warmth and humidity required by the dust mites. It was widely thought that carpets caused a similar problem but recent research has found that carpets act like a filter, trapping dust and faeces (unlike hard surfaces where dust and faeces are easily made airborne with draughts and movement). In Sweden in the 70s carpets were blamed for asthma and due to the adverse publicity the use of carpeting decreased by 77% over 15 years up to 1990, over the same 15 year period the cases of asthma increased by 300%.


* Change pillows at least every 2 years (you can now buy anti allergy pillows)
* Wash bedding as often as is practical
* Vacuum your mattress regularly and have it cleaned every 2 years
* Vacuum your carpets regularly and have them cleaned by means of hot water extraction as necessary
* Don't use a feather duster, dust with a damp cloth rinsing it regularly
* Ventilate rooms for at least 4 hours a day (especially after vacuuming)
* Wash curtains yearly
* As dust mites are sensitive to UV rays you could put your mattress in a sunny position for a couple of hours then vacuum out the dead dust mites.
* Use a vacuum with a micro filter
* Damp clean hard flooring so as not to lift dust and faeces

Telephone: 0191 384 2976
Address: 19 Mossdale, Cheveley Park, Belmont, Durham. DH1 2AZ | E-mail: david@dunelmccs.co.uk. We will endeavour to respond to all E-mails by the end of each day.
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