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Cleaning methods

There are a number of cleaning methods, the most common of which I have detailed below:

This is the method I use. Regarded as the most effective cleaning method for stain removal and deep cleaning. This method involves the injection of a fine jet of hot water and cleaning solution into the carpet/upholstery, which is then immediately extracted back out with the dirt and grit. The modern cleaning agents leave very little residue and subsequently re-soiling is no longer the problem it was in the past. The down side of this method is the drying time of the items cleaned, 6-18 hours. (Some companies use fan driers to reduce this time but I believe fabrics dry softer if left to dry naturally)
This method is used mainly to maintain the appearance of carpets between deep cleaning. It involves hot wet pads revolving over the carpet. (short drying time)
This method is not used as much as it used to be, mainly because of the poor cleaning results and large amount of soap residue left after cleaning.
As a general cleaning system this gives poor results but can be used where other systems can not, such as on velvet and other delicate fabrics.
This method is sometimes portrayed as a dry cleaning system but has a drying time of a couple of hours. Although a lot of wild claims are made about this system the cleaning results are not as good as hot water extraction. (short drying time, probably the next best method to hot water extraction)
This method consists of vacuuming first then rubbing in micro sponges and finally vacuuming them back out. This method has been around as long as I have been in business and has always been regarded as a maintenance system, although it is now being touted as a cleaning system. This method is regularly used between deep cleans in hotels, airports etc. as there is no down time due to it being the only totally dry method. If you have relatively clean carpets that just need freshening up this method is for you. (No drying time required)
As the D.I.Y. option is usually for financial reasons get a price from a professional company if you only need a small job doing as it could be as cheap as hire rates. As hire machines are hot water extraction try to hire the most powerful one you can. Do not over wet the carpets you are cleaning and do not use more detergent than recommended (if you use too much detergent the carpets cleaned will re-soil very quickly because hire machines are less powerful and do not pull back out as much as professional machines). Once you have cleaned your carpet go back over it again and just extract as much as you can (the dryer the better).
Telephone: 0191 384 2976
Address: 19 Mossdale, Cheveley Park, Belmont, Durham. DH1 2AZ | E-mail: david@dunelmccs.co.uk. We will endeavour to respond to all E-mails by the end of each day.
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