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Telephone: 0191 384 2976
Address: 19 Mossdale, Cheveley Park, Belmont, Durham. DH1 2AZ
E-mail: david@dunelmccs.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Company Pledge

I carried out a customer survey on their concerns regarding carpet and upholstery cleaning and have addressed them below.

This should no longer be a problem as the modern Hot Water Extraction machines do not over wet the carpets as could happen in days gone by. The rare occasions when it might happen is with old carpets where the Hessian backing has lost its rigidity (if this happens it is easily rectified when the carpet is dry). There was a major problem in the late 90s with what became known as Belgian Wiltons and I have the experience to spot these if any still exist. Any shrinkage problem is covered by my guarantee.
This is covered in another section, on our Pricing Page.
This is no longer a problem with modern carpets but a few rugs and upholstered items may be prone to colour run, for that reason I do a colour fast test if I feel there could be a problem.
I have a £5m indemnity Public Liability Insurance and a Guarantee to cover any other eventualities including quality of work.

Other concerns were Pet odours, Punctuality, Flexibility, Appearance & Conduct.

I am able to deodorise when required at no extra cost. I take bookings on a day and time to suit you where ever possible. I will phone to inform you if if I am running late by 5 mins or more and not keep you waiting and wondering. I understand I am a guest in your home and will treat it with the utmost respect at all times, wearing a white dress shirt and blue uniform (no tee shirts or shorts).

There were other minor worries/concerns and for that reason I am always available to give free advice without any obligation.

My Company Pledge:

  1. I Will Respect Your Home
  2. I Will Guarantee Workmanship
  3. I Will Work to the Highest Standard
  4. I Will Give Flexibility of Working Hours
  5. I Will Arrive Within 5 mins of Time Stated
Telephone: 0191 384 2976
Address: 19 Mossdale, Cheveley Park, Belmont, Durham. DH1 2AZ | E-mail: david@dunelmccs.co.uk. We will endeavour to respond to all E-mails by the end of each day.
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